[The training] reinforced an appreciation of my own spiritual leadership -- gave me words for it, an understanding of it, and tools to encourage it.
(Joy McQuery, M.D.)

It affirmed my sense of value in the WTC community. It reaffirmed that I have much to learn here. It will help me be a little bolder.
(Charles Knight, Commonwealth Institute)

It encouraged me to live my truth 100% of the time. ( Margaret Murray, LEAP Self-Defense )

In my work, I attend many trainings and workshops about leadership development. This is the most holistic I have encountered.
(Unzu Lee, Presbyterian Women’s Leadership Development Associate)

I feel more connected to mystery and more aware of how I can choose to be a transformative agent in interpersonal relationships…it helped me see that I always have power in any situation. I can always be an agent of transformation in any situation.
(Lisa Owens, Boston Adult Technical Academy)

[It has] given me a sense of direction and purpose. It reconnected me with my work with girls and what I want for them..." ( anonymous )

...the facilitators were fabulous and did a great job modeling what they were teaching... ( anonymous )

This training gave me ways of explaining how the work is both complementary to more traditional leadership models as well as more inclusive.
(Julie Drogin, educator)

This training is chock full of wisdom - the wisdom that comes from courageous engagement with the world. I experienced it as a generous gift. If you have a vague sense of who you want to be as a change agent this training is a wonderful place to bring clarity and vibrancy to that image - and to your life. The training not only offers inspiring ideas about what spiritual leadership looks like; it also provides a model for thinking about growth and development - a model that promotes deeper reflection on the ways we get stuck and what next steps out of stuckness might look like.
(Maggie Herzig, Public Conversations Project)

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