May 26, 2009

Dear Beloved WTC members and friends:

We hope you are well and enjoying the new beginnings this spring season is bringing forth…
The past year has been filled with many exciting moments- a name change, new Steering Committee members, retreats, monthly Tapping Spirit events, possible organizational collaborations, inspiration and renewed hope.

We seek your financial support to continue our dream of spreading the message of Leading from Spirit in every part of our lives-on the internal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural -and to keep WTC focused on its purpose and thriving.

All of us are aware of the urgent need in our present society to address issues of social justice around racism, violence, and poverty, and to build and strengthen Beloved Community.  Throughout our twenty-seven year history, WTC has sought to be a place of reflection, introspection, transformation and community building among its members, partners, friends, program participants and community organizations encouraging all to reach for their true purposes.

For some of us, WTC became a sanctuary, a place where we found refuge in our search for grace and kindness in a sometimes harsh and distressing world. For others, WTC is a place where we can safely interact, asking questions of difference, transcending our past experiences and connecting as human beings in a peaceful and respectful manner.  For still others, WTC is and will always be a beloved community that “makes” space for all to walk together in our own individual beauty.

A year ago, uncertain of our future, we tapped into the resources of our members and Partners, and decided to continue WTC as a volunteer organization with minimal staff. Based on our depth of experience, collaboration, and an abundance of inspiration, innovation and motivation of many volunteers, we have kept the organization and its mission alive. To all who have been such a deep well of encouragement, insight and impetus to our Beloved Community, we are humbly and eternally grateful for your kindness, generosity and drive during this time of transition and transformation.

Over the last year, we held monthly Tapping Spirit Forums to help our members and general public to remember spirit in the midst of their everyday lives. Participants have expressed to us their positive experiences, deep appreciation and impact on their lives from these offerings. We also are actively seeking collaborative partner organizations to continue our Leading from Spirit( LFS) training workshops and as well as seeking new ways and places to introduce Tapping Spirit to broader communities. We are continuing to hold retreats and to seek expanding the role of Partners.  We have also discussed initiating our Training for Trainers as well as considered holding Mini-Leading from Spirit Events.

It is our hope that by concentrating our current resources on Leading From Spirit and Tapping Spirit, we'll be able to grow those resources and Beloved Community into a year-round project with the power and reach to make the kind of change we all need and hope for within ourselves and within organizations.
Your help is crucial as we make this transition at WTC. You know what WTC has already meant in your life and the lives of many others -imagine what WTC can do given enough resources to do even more WTC programming year-round and to work with more organizations and institutions.  Whatever you can give, your financial support right now will help plant the seeds for that vision and make a major impact. –
Can you make a donation today to help us make this vision real and show your support for WTC’s new direction?  Please say YES!  and make a Donation On-Line or Send a Check by mail. Donations of any size are encouraged and welcomed.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can be reached at 617-585-5655 or

We send you much love, peace, good health, abundance, beauty, inspiration and hope. And we thank you for your support and so appreciate what you each can do to help us fly in 2009 and beyond!

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

In Spirit, On Purpose For Justice,

WTC Board Members: Curdina Hill, Carol Lee, Gladys Wheaton, Doris Youngman, Marlies Zammuto    


WTC Steering Committee Members: Curdina Hill, Claire Kashuck, Carol Lee, Ann Ribolini, Gladys Wheaton,
 Doris Youngman