THE WTC is.....


Much has happened since we started the transformation process in 2007! WTC is still here and emerging slowly but surely from its exploration, reflection and restructuring process! Thank you for everyone’s help.
In the last couple of years we learned how deeply loved and valued we truly are by members, friends and organizations. We received so many messages of gratitude and encouragement for the decision to remain a presence in the world.
WTC definitely has a role in providing various forums for individuals and organizations to lead from spirit One of our GIFTS is to provide a welcoming, intentional and beautiful spaces for people to connect, reflect, explore, integrate and transform internally, in the workplace and in the larger community and institutions. So we are excited to see what continues to unfold for us.


In 2008 & 2009, we hosted a series of retreats that resulted in some major changes and decisions.
We decided to become a Volunteer Organization!
This model allows us to use minimal financial resources and rely on no or very few staff while undergoing restructuring process and still be able to coordinate all offers from the generous hearts and souls who want to support WTC in some fashion. Lisa Terralonge who has been the computer support person at WTC for a number of years still works a couple of hours a week for us. Thanks Lisa! We could not have done all we did without you.

To better reflect who we are and who we are becoming, we decided to change our name! It is now:

Women Transforming Communities (WTC)

“A Center for Learning and Leading from Spirit”

We will be transitioning into our new name so you will see both for a while until all our legal documents and other materials are updated. 
Everything else remains the same: address, phone number, mission and purpose, etc.

We have been able to continue our monthly Tapping Spirit Series in 2008 and 2009 with a variety of themes. We loved how we have been able to reach new people as well as reconnect with our WTC members on a smaller scale.


We are looking for a collaborative partner to bring our Leading from Spirit program to a wider audience and to continue this program’s valuable offerings.
Meck Groot and Claudia Castaneda recently did a one day Tools for Transformation from our Leading from Spirit Program for one potential partner and it was very well received! So we are in discussions with various groups.
Our Coordinating Team evolved into a Steering Committee! We meets twice a month to make decisions and to coordinate needed tasks. The Steering Committee is made up of 4 longstanding WTC members: Curdina Hill ,Claire Kashuck, Carol Lee, Gladys Wheaton along with 2 new brand new members Ann Ribolini & Dori Youngman.
WTC Board members: Curdina Hill, Carol Lee, Dori Youngman, Gladys Wheaton, Marlies Zammuto.
Thanks again to Claudia Castaneda and Lisa Owens for serving on the Coordinating Team in 2007 and 2008.


Join the Steering Committee or Board
The Steering Committee and Board welcome new members! We welcome women and men with all types of backgrounds and interests.

Having a volunteer organization maintain its everyday functioning is a big job, and we'd love your help. We welcome your talents whatever they are, and we also have some specific volunteer opportunities: Leading from Spirit Program- legal help with copyrighting
Tapping Spirit Series – scheduling and outreach
Community Building & Outreach  contacting our membership, helping at events and activities,
Fundraising – research, assisting with activities

Office/Administration Support/Website- assistance with general office support and updating our database, and other tasks

We may not have your email address or the most current one. If you have been receiving notices us monthly great! If not, we would love to add you to our email announcements so we can stay connected to you, share our updates and organizational news and let you know about upcoming events or activities.
Moved or changed jobs in the last couple of years?  We may not have your most current mailing address or phone numbers. Please send us that too!

Please Donate Generously to our Spring/Summer Appeal Request 
We hope you have received our spring/summer appeal letter and will continue to support WTC.  It is because of our wonderful members and friends that has allowed us to continue, transform and grow. Click on the link above to see a copy of our appeal letter!  We hope you received it and can send WTC a donation. Any amount is most welcomed and appreciated in these times.
Please click the DONATE /JOIN link and donate at the Wainwright Community Room or send a check to us at:

PO Box 1200
Boston, MA 02117

On Purpose,
In Spirit,
For Justice