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WTC offers workshops, trainings, gatherings, ritual, celebrations, and other programs to which our members and others are invited. Our newest program initiative is Leading from Spirit.


Leading From Spirit is a five part training series that develops your inherent spiritual leadership abilities. It is rooted in the power of the human spirit. Each person has a right to and responsibility for the protection and nourishment of that spirit.

Spiritual leadership interrupts practices that crush the human spirit. It applies practices that build sustainable, inclusive and life-affirming communities. Thus, spiritual leadership is the practice of living...

On Purpose.

In Spirit.

For Justice.

These trainings build the skill set you need to promote social justice and navigate processes of transformation within yourself, your relationships, organizations and cultures. They foster the creation of a learning community. You might consider attending trainings with friends, family and/or colleagues.

Fuller description of trainings, schedules and registration.

What participants say about Leading From Spirit.

In addition to scheduled public trainings, we would be delighted to bring Leading From Spirit to you and your organization, group or community. Please write us or call us (617-585-5655) for more information.


WTC acknowledges the importance of spaces where we can meet with others who share a key aspect of our identity. Currently, we offer such spaces to women of African descent, anti-racist white people, and women with economic wealth. For more information about these offerings, please contact us.


WTC often engages in projects together with other organizations. Currently, that work includes:

TAKING WING: A Boston-based project to develop the spiritual leadership of women of African descent who work with girls and young women of African descent.

ORGANIZING ANTI-RACIST WHITE PEOPLE: A Boston-based initiative that is exploring ways in which white people who seek to live anti-racist lives can learn together and mobilize to end racism.