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As a way of staying in touch with our members and of broadening access to our work, we create various written resources.


TheWTC Quarterly Newsletter offers updates and reflections on activities at the center, as well as reflections on issues and concerns that impact our work and mission. Our writers include WTC staff as well as WTC members. For access to the most recent newsletters, please choose and click below.

Brown Papers


Volume 22, Nos. 1&2 -- Winter/Spring 2005
Volume 21, No. 4 -- Fall, 2004
Volume 21, No. 1 -- Fall, 2003
Volume 20, No. 4 -- December, 2002


The Brown Papers are 16 pages of reflection and analysis on a wide variety of subjects that address issues of theology, spirituality, and/or ethics. Currently, The Brown Papers are printed on an occasional basis. A subscription can be purchased for $17 for 6 issues. For list of titles and samples of back issues, choose and click below:

List of Back Issues - Vols. I-VI

"The 10Cs: A Model of Diversity Awareness and Social Change"
by Patti DeRosa and Ulric Johnson

"Humanity for Dummies"
by Judy Tso

"In the Name of the Fatherů"
by Kathleen M. Dwyer

Occasionally, WTC writes and prints articles that we use often in our work. We offer them here for your perusal.

"Internalized Racism" by Donna Bivens

"Working Class Educated" by Marian (Meck) Groot

"The Invisibility of Upper Class Privilege" by Class Acts

"On Being and Doing " by WTC staff

"Why Can't We All Get Along? " by WTC staff

"What Is Spiritual Leadership?" & "What Makes a Good Leader?"  by WTC staff